ICSOB 2022

Call for Students Volunteers

ICSOB 2022 offers an excellent opportunity for students to meet, interact and connect with leading researchers and practitioners in the software-intensive business community. Students can also meet other peer students from all over the world and exchange views on their research work. At ICSOB 2022, we welcome both undergraduate and graduate students who are enthusiastic and keen to make it an excellent experience for attendees. Candidates should be social, enthusiastic, available during the conference days, and willing to help organizers in conducting the conference.




The student volunteer needs to support the conference organization committee in a number of activities. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Note: There will be an orientation session for volunteers before the conference.

Application Procedure

Please submit your application through the following google form to apply for a student volunteer position at ICSOB 2022. The form requires some basic information about the applicant, motivations to be the volunteer, and a PDF file containing your short CV. In addition, the applicants also need a short reference letter from their academic advisor. The letter should highlight social, communication, organizational skills, proficiency in English, and anything else that makes the candidate stand out among other applicants. You need a google email account to fill out this form.

We will notify the results of the applications by mid-September, 2022. Please apply at your earliest convenience as we will review and fill the positions as soon as we get suitable candidates.


If you need further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the student volunteer chair with the email subject “ICSOB2022 SV”.

Volunteer Chair

Usman Rafiq